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Original Himalayan Crystal Salt - Fine Granulated

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All of our Original Himalayan Crystal Salt is the product of an ancient primal ocean that evaporated some 250000000 years ago in the region where the Himalayan Mountains now stand At that time the Earth was a pristine eco-system and the sea salt of that great ocean reflects the purity and energy potential of that age Scientific research with our brand of ancient sea salt has demonstrated the positive effects of its 84 natural holistic minerals its bio-energtic qualities on a myriad of body functions Besides being the Perfect sea salt for your body its also the Greatest tasting salt on the planet The larger Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones are hand-crushed into these finer crystals small enough to be used in a salt shaker The radiant pinkish colored salt has all the natural characteristics of the original crystal salt stones from which it comes It has a distinctively alive taste that is naturally deliciousRecognized as the most outstandingly delicious salt among those in the Culinary Arts

  • Contains 84 minerals and trace elements essential to the body's health & wellbeing.
  • Restores the body's alkaline & electrolyte balance.
  • Effects significant positive changes in all body functions.
  • Hand-mined with respect for Nature, the environment, the workers, and the inherent bioenergetic properties.
  • The material manifestation of Energy - Life Force - Consciousness

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