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Jojoba Golden Carrier Oil. A Base Oil for Aromatherapy, Essential Oil or Massage use.

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Golden Jojoba Oil is one of our favorite carrier oils since natural jojoba oil absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves a satiny finish It has a light scent and a long shelf-life so it can be blended with other oils easily Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E and is popular for its ability to moisturize skin and hair without leaving an oily residue It is ideal as base oil for lip balms or body butters and other homemade essential oil products Golden Jojoba Oil is cold-pressed from the beans of the jojoba plant to produce a 100 pure natural oil with no additives or fillers Although commonly called an oil it is actually a liquid wax that closely resembles the sebum oil of our own skin Golden Jojoba Oil is an antioxidant and can extend the life of other essential oils This oil may alter color and odors in cosmetic preparations

  • 100% PURE GOLDEN JOJOBA OIL: Plant Therapy sources only the highest quality Jojoba Oil and never includes additives or fillers.
  • A MARVELOUS MOISTURIZER: Golden Jojoba Oil mimics the skin's natural sebum, so it absorbs easily and leaves a smooth finish.
  • EXCELLENT FOR ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS & PRODUCTS: Golden Jojoba Oil extends the shelf life of essential oils when blended and makes a great base for lip balms and body butters.
  • HAVE QUESTIONS?: Plant Therapy's certified aromatherapists are happy to help you with your Golden Jojoba Oil questions via Amazon Messages. We welcome your questions and input!

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