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JOVIVI 7 Chakras Gemstone Bracelet Crystal Reiki Healing Balancing Round Beads

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PROPERTIES OF THESTONES USED FOR THE SEVEN CHAKRAS Purple Jade - stone of spirituality and contentment balancesenergies of the intellectual emotional and physical bodies bestows stabilitystrength invigoration and peace soothing calming and tranquilizinginfluence assists in the assimilation of new ideas Dyed Lapis Lazuli- helps one to enjoy each moment and to release discord from oneslife allows for progression toward the perfection facilitates the acceptanceof responsibility stimulates ones compass within Synthetic Turquoise- associated with fertility flow and growth conveys goddessenergy enhances perception discernment creativity and self-expressionstimulates confidence and composure assists one in the total fulfillment ofdestiny imperial jasper - helps to regulate the physical mental emotional andintellectual cycles in ones life provides a shield of protection around thebody assists in the lessening of anger or jealousy inspiring happiness withinthe self Synthetic amber - boosts confidence and personal power dissipates and transmutesnegativity allows for clarification of problems assists in acquiring wealthand maintaining wealth stimulates openness and helps smooth family or groupproblems Carnelian- provides for perceptiveness to situations awakens onesinherent talents protects against envy fear rage and banishes sorrowproduces inspiration from and connectedness with the spiritual worlds Tiger Eye- stone of health extracts negative energy from the chakrasenhances commitment to others and to ones self attracts devotion andexpressions of warmth and understanding from others protective influence and acalming stable vitality brings order to chaos

  • 1 piece of 7 Chakras Gemstone Bracelet
  • Balances all chakras
  • Stone Diameter:8mm. Bead size:8*5mm. Bracelet Length:7 inches (17.7cm)
  • It is a good gift for your lover,family,friend. Good for going party or banquet.
  • Includes branded 'JOVIVI' gift pouch.
  • Binding : Jewelry
  • Brand : Jovivi
  • Department : Unisex-adult
  • Feature : 1 piece of 7 Chakras Gemstone Bracelet
  • ItemDimensions : 7
  • Label : JOVIVI
  • Manufacturer : JOVIVI
  • Model : AJ10103157
  • PackageDimensions : 705905340
  • PartNumber : AJ10103157
  • ProductGroup : Jewelry
  • Publisher : JOVIVI
  • Studio : JOVIVI
  • Title : JOVIVI 7 Chakras Gemstone Bracelet Crystal Reiki Healing Balancing Round Beads

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