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Rogue Making Deluxe Wearable Tech Kit

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Tenaya created the Deluxe kit for the Maker who wants to get started sewing with conductive thread Prototype with alligator clips first or you can use the conductive thread clear tape and paper to see the circuit working before you sew Ultimately you will sew the circuit which takes a little longer but make sure to take the time in the beginning to prototype There are 2 battery holders provided to make 2 projects using 10 LEDs provided in a variety of colors-and some special RGB LEDs too You can easily make wearable tech while on a road-trip or even on the train or plane Sew around the holes of your components just like buttons 4 to 6 times Tie lots of knots when you begin or end your thread For regular thread sewing with a double thread is a good thing but use only a single thread when sewing with conductive thread Imagine your circuit as a ladder and the LEDs are the rungs youll sew one side connecting all the positive sides of the LEDs to the battery holder A 2nd thread connecting all the negative sides of the battery holder and LEDs The tan battery holder has 1 + pad and 1-pad On the Lily pad there are 2 + pads and 2 pads so if you use both sides to make 2 circuits 4 separate threads should leave your Lily pad battery holder to create 2 sides of the circuit You only have to use one + and one - but you have options The tan battery holder has no switch but the Lily pad does Most importantly as a Maker learn to fail and learn by trying it Were all on the side of the electricity working These materials are safe and if short circuiting happens where electricity isnt going through the LEDs but is going straight back to the battery there will be no melting the battery will just drain Replacement batteries are readily available at a low cost on Amazon or Ebay but a little pricey at a regular pharmacy store

  • All materials included so you can make & take, perfect for trains, planes and road-trips
  • Sew with electronics into a t-shirt, purse, hat, stuffed animal or other accessory
  • Electrical engineering is hard, but made easy with rogue making's wearable tech kit
  • Binding : Toy
  • Brand : Rogue Making
  • Feature : All materials included so you can make & take, perfect for trains, planes and road-trips
  • ItemDimensions : 150600600
  • Label : Rogue Making
  • Manufacturer : Rogue Making
  • ManufacturerMaximumAge : 7
  • ManufacturerMinimumAge : 7
  • Model : 2
  • PackageDimensions : 19064040600
  • PackageQuantity : 1
  • PartNumber : 2
  • ProductGroup : Toy
  • Publisher : Rogue Making
  • Studio : Rogue Making
  • Title : Rogue Making Deluxe Wearable Tech Kit
  • UPC : 610446675214

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