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Himalayan Salt Stone massage is an innovative healing technique using warm salt crystal stones to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians. Feel the energy of the 250 million year old mineral salt as you enjoy a gentle massage with these crystal salt stones.

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Ultimum Vitae Wellness Center at Princeton is a place of renewal for the mind, body & spirit. Spending time at our center is more than a is a tune-up for the body, mind and soul. That's why we do everything we can to ensure that your experience is one you will want to repeat.

Himalayan Salt Products

Bathing- throw in the tub for a detoxifying Himalayan salt bath. The replenishing nutrients stimulate circulation and soothe sore muscles. Naturally rich in 80+ nourishing minerals, bathing with pink bath salt is a healing and therapeutic experience for mind and body.



By Abbey J. Porter

My Experience with Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

I lay on my stomach on the massage table, eyes closed. I felt Zhanna’s hands glide along the muscles of my back, leaving a trail of heat as they went. Beneath that penetrating warmth, pockets of chronic pain melted away. I smiled...


7 amazing health benefits of massage therapy

Good news! Experts explain the reasons you can stop making excuses for why you deserve a rub down

1) It reduces Stress

"Most of us are dealing with some level of postural stress", says Zhanna Root, registered massage therapist and owner at Ultimum Vitae Wellness Center in Princeton, NJ. “More often than not that stress tends to manifest in the shoulders, neck and lower back.”

Office workers, beware. More advanced forms of postural stress “show up as pain or weakness in the low back and gluteals caused by prolonged periods of sitting.”

Luckily, massage can correct the imbalance caused from sitting, which means you can keep your desk job—as long as you schedule a regular massage.


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I also have been having the best best Best deep tissue massages from Zhanna Root the last 5+ years. i feel back to myself 24 hours later. she identifies where pain and inflammation are coming from and very patient working the knots out. i will even be seeing her in princeton b />c I trust her her so. When Zhanna introduced the salt massage and seaweed wrap, I knew it had to be the best!!! My skin felt so soft and hydrated as well as my muscles and my inflammation declined rapidly - and as an extra bonus I dropped 2 lbs from the water weight. You must try her massage and/or the wonderful services the Ultimum Vitae Wellness Center offers - himalayan salts and seaweed wrap - wow!

I have had some great massage work done all over the world and honestly I can tell you, Zhanna is the gold standard for me. She's a terrific masseuse, yes. And she's a healer too who has a deep innate sense of what is needed for her client. She's really well trained in massage therapy and is able to put that into practice easily because she loves her work. She's truly great at what she does.

I have been going to Zhanna exclusively for massage for about 8 years. She is absolutely the best! Before I started seeing her, I suffered from horrible neck pain and stiffness on a regular basis due to my profession as a graphic designer and having to be on the computer all day. Her depth of knowledge in her field, and beyond, is remarkable. She truly knows the body, and as soon as I started seeing her, she was able to find the problem areas and work on them in such a way that my pain was gone by the next day, and I was finally able to start enjoying days without any pain or discomfort at all. I've continued to see her regularly (at least once a month) for the past several years for maintenance before anything can get too bad, so she knows the areas where I tend to hold stress and where I get tight, and she always works those areas with the appropriate technique and pressure in order to relieve the pain and release the stress. She has strong hands and can apply greater pressure when she feels it's necessary. The most important thing is that she truly cares about each and every client. She gets to know them and their bodies so she is able to work on them in the best way possible. She is absolutely the best out there, and I will never go to anyone else.
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